We know how important the quality of the products is to our customers, and we are dedicated to maintain a high-standard of quality control with every effort.

Our partner factory is certified with ISO 9001:2008. With the latest technologies in place and our open communication of each step of the production, we have never disappointed our customers over the decade. The produced products are inspected with AOI, then visually checked by our skillful workers. The testing process further ensures properly working products by checking each individual product functionality. We also take custom tests required by our clients.

ISO 9001:2008



SMT and PTH components (presence, type, polarity, offset, text, etc.) inspection reflow and wave solder joints (including meniscus) inspection 2-D solder paste inspection medium and large PCBs inspection high speed first article inspection

Mek M22XDL (AOI)

High-speed digital XGA color camera Three pulse wave modulated LED light sources (main, side and DOAL) and Up to six different lighting combinations 5 types of images can be obtained at once advanced illumination high resolution optics analysis via synthetic imaging
The systems M22XDLs and M22XHDL feature the smallest footprint of all the machines in the Mek range of desktop AOI systems. They deliver exceptional inspection accuracy for PCBs, including SMT and THT components, reflow and wave solder joints, and solder paste. Also, the Mek AOI has the pioneering true 24-bit color imaging. This breakthrough technology is designed to extend the amount of data available to operators per pixel, dramatically enhancing defect detection while minimizing false alarms. 24-bit processing discerns subtle changes for improved image clarity, helping to separate components and solder images from the background board or substrate. Deploying the technology in combination with its innovative lighting concept, the Marantz systems overcome the limitations of 8-bit greyscale imaging to dramatically improve defect detection.