PCB Surface Mount Technology

Our three SMT lines are quickly convertible and highly flexible. They are three DEK (HORIZON 01IX) automatic screen printing machine, two sets of medium speed machines (FUJI XP143), three high-speed placement machines (FCP43, FUJI CP642 and CP643), and two IC machines (FUJI XP243). Our machines are fully equipped with double matrix tray bracket and a 10-zone (8 heating and 2 cooling) VI integrated flow reflow furnace two (Heller 1809MKIII and 1913MKIII). This allows for a variety of settings to meet and exceed the customer's expectation.

The line’s capabilities are as follows:
XP143 CP642 XP243
CPH(Components Per Hour) 18,000 Approx 40,000 Approx 6,420 Approx
Feeder Capacity(8mm) 100 140 100
Minimum Board Size(mm) 0.6 x 0.3 0.6 x 0.3 0.6 x 0.3
Maximum Board Size 45 x 150 19 x 32 45 x 150
Board Thickness Range 0.1 ~ 3 0.1 ~ 3 0.1 ~ 3
Component Placement Range 402 1005 - 20mmsq 603
Minimum Lead Pitch(mm) > 0.3 > 0.3

PCB Inspection

Our testing equipment, two Mek AOIs(M22XDL and M22XHDL) is featured with the 24-bit true color breathtaking technology and up to six different coaxial lighting combinations to provide the ultimate fault coverage, and guarantee each PCB piece is checked thoroughly. We offer 100% receiving inspection, in-process inspections, and final inspections.more »

Conformal Coating

This coating provides environmental protection, protection against mechanical stress on components, as well as protection from thermal shock. Conformal coating also helps resist abrasion in services, along with increasing dielectric strength between conductors.

PCB Thru Hole

Thru-Hole Capabilities more »

Flux capacity 6L
Flux flow 10-100ml/min(Adjustable)
The preheat zone length 1800mm(2×900mm)
Preheating zone number 4pcs(The 2 section control)
Tin furnace capacity 450Kg (Pb free solder)
PCB width Max.350mm
PCB transport speed 0~1.8m/min
Transportation height Max.100mm

Production Runs

Prototypes, small to medium size runs, mid-sized to large volume, scheduled releases, box builds.


We also offer packaging.


We have resources to offer our customer much cheaper parts.

Customer Service

We have a special way to take care of our customers. It begins with the moment you sign a contract with us. We review your product requirements thoughtfully. During the process of manufacturing, we inform you with the status of the production of your product and notify you of any unforeseen issues. This way, you will clearly know where your product is, be able to project its delivery time, arrange any other steps accordingly. In post product service, we offer you with all kinds of support to ensure you get what you are expecting. You will also have a one year manufacturing warranty. We can be reached at anytime for any problems and questions you may have.

Project Management

Any manufacturing or designing project will be managed in Microsoft Project. Each project is divided into stages, then each stage is divided into tasks that can be assigned. The time to finish each task is estimated, then the number of days to complete the whole project is given. The status of every task is checked weekly, and the progress of the project is reported to our clients by email. With this closer oversight of each project, we are able to deliver our client's project in time, and the quality of the product is controlled.

Delivery Service

Shipping services are provided.

Over the past years, Pro-Well has established long-term relationships with many American and European companies. This effort is continuing and expanding. Now Pro-Well is working diligently to form more and more strategic alliances with electronic design and manufacturing companies.

By combining your design or manufacturing services with our manufacturing and technology capabilities, we can complement each other to a win-win solution. For more information, please contact us at 852-3173 3882 or 852-3173 3886(Hong Kong) or