To build long-term strategic alliances with our business partners in electronic manufacturing and design services to strive for success.

Research shows that it is more beneficial to have an average of four business partners than none, due to fast-changing technology. The advantages of strategic alliances are: reduced risk, less expensive access to needed competencies and complementary resources, broadened service offerings, and increased customer satisfaction.


We at Pro-Well are willing to establish business partnerships with electronic design firms as well as manufacturing companies to offer one stop shop services to our clients or to be your complementary resources.

We have been working with many American and European companies for over 10 years. We cherish every single business relationship and make an effort to create a long-lasting one.

We have proven track records in integrity. Doing business with us is like doing business with other local American companies.

Teaming up with us to form a stronger business entity creates a better chance in surviving this competitive business world.

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We serve your best interest by adding value to your business.

Our partner manufacturing factory is well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, highly skilled engineers and workers, and over 20 years of experience. The three lines of SMT assembly can offer you with multiple setups to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our engineers are dedicated to their work with passion and creativities and are eager to utilize their knowledge to help you. They evaluate each design work very carefully and make necessary, constructive suggestions on all aspects, including product design, inspection, test methods, parts recommendation, cost effectiveness, and quality control. Once your design is considered manufacturable, a manufacturing plan of your product is created and sent to you for approval. Once you give the "okay," the production run will begin. From prototyping to production, our team will follow up each step of the production run and communicate with you in each stage, resolving any related issues.

Once all of your products are confirmed and shipped, the customer service process starts. Our customer service staff is dedicated to addressing your concerns and issues.



Your cost is reduced

Located in southern China, our factory is equipped with sophisticated OEM facility. From labor to material, we can offer cost effective services and products


Your quality is guaranteed

We have the right tools to manufacture products of high quality. The quality control management team will closely monitor each step of the manufacturing process.


Your delivery is in a timely manner

With us, you will not be in fear of offshore production delay. We leverage our production management skills to bring your products to the market on time.


You will be well-served

We are committed to providing you with high-quality products, on-time delivery, and excellent customer services.